Crafts Council Annual Report 2014/15 - page 14

One of the Crafts Council’s prime aims is to champion the value of
making to the widest possible audience.We do this in a number of
ways. Our exhibitions are constantly criss-crossing the country. Space
Craft: architecture meets making, for instance, started life at Habitat’s
Platform Gallery before travelling to the National Centre for Craft
and Design in Sleaford and theWinchester Discovery Centre, while
our nationwide festival Make:Shift:Do encouraged the public to
experiment with laser-cutters, CNC milling machines and 3D printers
at 20 locations including London, Manchester, Plymouth and Glasgow.
We deliver COLLECT which reaches over 11,000 visitors over 4 days,
and our participation projects such as Craft Club enable 8,700
children and young people to experience making first hand.
We’ve undertaken research to understand more about our current
audiences and to plan new areas of programme and new places to
work to bring more craft to more people.
In 2014/15we attracted:
An audience of 2.3 million visitors to our exhibitions and
An online audience of over 770,000.
Press campaigns reaching potential audiences of 110 million.
What’s next?
In 2015/16wewill:
Continue to deliver rich digital content for a wide audience.
Launch a Directory of makers to showcase British talent and
to promote makers worldwide.
Deliver a programme of participation activities to engage people
with craft – including a partnership with the BBC Get Creative
campaign and Make:Shift:Do.
Crafts Council
Crafts Council
The Crafts Council gave its
website a complete overhaul
in 2014.We built a single site to
inform and inspire everyone who
visited – frommakers and museum
professionals to educators,
retailers,policy makers and
those with a passing interest in
the topic. Todo this we decided
to give the site a greater sense
of dynamism and editorial focus,
achieving1.5 million page
impressions and building an
online audience of over 770,000.
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