Crafts Council Annual Report 2014/15 - page 19

Annual Review2014/15
The future of craft in the UK rests in our ability to nurture talent.
While interest in making might have been burgeoning in recent
years, participation in schools and colleges has been in steady
decline. In order to combat this alarming trend the organisation
launched Our Future is in the Making – a manifesto that explained
the importance of making in education and set out a number of
steps to build a recovery.
Our Learning programmes also enable people to get involved,
from formal learning in schools to informal volunteering. Over
8,700 children and young people participated in our programmes
in 2014/15, at Craft Clubs across the country, at Make:Shift:Do
and at schools in Bilston and Gateshead as part of the Acts of
Making festival.
To prove we practise what we preach, the Crafts Council has also
developed a rich learning programme of its own. Hothouse, part
of our Talent Development programme, is aimed at makers taking
the initial steps in their career. Meanwhile, other support performs
a similar function for those further along in their careers, teaching
them skills such as how to become a good employer or deal with
potential investors.
In 2014/15we supported:
554 makers on Crafts Council Talent Development programmes
Participation programmes for 8,700 children and young people
2,500 people to enjoy digital making at the first Make:Shift:Do
What’s next?
In 2015/16wewill:
Deliver Hothouse and other programmes to nurture talent
Deliver activity to meet the aims of the Education Manifesto –
including careers advice, public participation programmes
and initiatives for schools
Host an apprentice as part of our commitment to
apprenticeships in the sector
Learning andTalent
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