Crafts Council Annual Report 2014/15 - page 21

Annual Review2014/15
We launched a UK-wide festival of
newmaking from 21-22 November
2014,with 43 workshops in 20 venues
across the country. From laser-cutting
to smart textiles,over 2,500 people
got stuck in,with partners including
theV&A,Royal Society ofArts and the
Institute of Making at University
College London,and workshops and
events at venues including Fab Lab
Manchester,KnowleWest Media
Centre,Bristol and Derby Museums.
One parent described the
experience: “My kids and their
cousin sucked it all up and went to
bed early because their heads were
stuffed full. I can hear the whirring
and crunching going on now,in their
brains,as they sleep.Tomorrow
I know there will be loads of questions
and speculations and imagined
inventions and it’s just great.”
2014 event at the
Institute of Making.
2014 event at Duncan
of Jordanstone
College ofArt and
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