Crafts Council Annual Report 2014/15 - page 22

Crafts Council
The Crafts Council’s Innovation programme, launched by Ed Vaizey,
Minister of State for Culture and the Digital Economy, is concerned
with pushing the possibilities of contemporary making, expanding
its influence into other fields by focusing on advances in materials,
processes and technologies. It’s here that the organisation actively
seeks collaborations with the worlds of engineering, science
and technology.
The centrepiece for 2014/15 was the inaugural Make:Shift
conference. Running alongside this, Make:Shift:Do was a nationwide
festival of open days where the public were invited to engage with
making and technology.
The final component of the programme was Parallel Practices,
organised with the Cultural Institute at King’s College London, which
brought together a group of makers and scientists over a period of
three months. Results from the project ranged from ceramic objects
inspired by anatomy, a mending service for students and staff in the
university’s Dissecting Room, and a series of sensors and circuits
that capture electrical muscle movement using embroidered
conductive threads.
In 2014/15we brought together:
300 delegates at Make:Shift and over 700 viewers for the
live stream.
8 makers and medics exploring Parallel Practices.
43 workshops in 20 venues for the Make:Shift:Do festival .
What’s next?
In 2015/16wewill:
Present a series of Innovation Salon events.
Deliver Make:Shift:Do as a national programme of participation
in making and technology.
Continue Parallel Practices residencies.
Commission new research into the value of craft innovation.
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