Crafts Council Annual Report 2014/15 - page 24

Crafts Council
As well as appealing to the wider public, it’s also vital that the
Crafts Council maintains and improves the sector’s infrastructure,
lobbying government on behalf of craft, leading the way on research
and making sure the sector is up-to-speed on policy changes.
Our monthly policy briefing provides a mine of information
from government and relevant public bodies that could impact
on the profession. As we hold the presidency of theWorld
Crafts Council Europe, we lead on representing British craft in
international conversations and connecting to European policy
and funding agendas.
We established a Craft Cluster of 14 organisations across the
country, supporting themwith their research into audiences for
craft to better understand what motivates visitors and buyers.
Our professional development workshops and training sessions
enable curators and makers to increase their skills and build
their networks. Curator events at COLLECT 2014 brought together
national and international curators to explore best practice and
to meet with their peers.
CraftNet is a leadership network for the craft sector, with regional
representatives and a remit to support knowledge sharing and
networks in different areas. The Crafts Council partners with
CraftNet to deliver networking events for craft professionals to
meet and discuss issues relating to the sector. In 2014/15, events
in Brighton, Cambridge, Sheffield and Sunderland enabled rich
exchange and supported networking and peer learning.
In 2014/15we supported:
55,000 professionals in Crafts Council networks.
5,500 people attended Crafts Council professional
development events.
And we published 10 Policy Briefings.
What’s next?
In 2015/16wewill:
Roll out a programme of regional Round Table meetings to take
the pulse of the craft sector.
Deliver four CraftNet events.
Continue to lead on tracking, sharing and responding to policy
news and agendas.
Lead the Craft Cluster and support research into craft audiences.
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