Crafts Council Annual Report 2014/15 - page 25

Annual Review2014/15
We published the first set of
economic estimates for the sector
based on government data.This
considered people working in
craft occupations outside the craft
industries,such as engineering,
theatre and film and healthcare.
The research shows there
are149,500 people doing jobs
involving making.With this in mind,
craft contributes £3.4billion to the
UK economy. These are the kind
of figures that give the craft sector
genuine weight when it comes to
negotiating with the government
over policy.
skills to the
The Crafts Council’s vision is that
every child should have the chance
to discover their practical abilities,
develop their creative talents,and
become a maker of the future.
However,craft in our education
system is under threat. In five
academic years,2007-2012,student
participation in craft-related
GCSEs fell by 25 per cent.In higher
education the number of courses
fell by 46 per cent. In an attempt to
secure craft’s future we launched an
education manifesto,Our Future is in
the Making,at the House of Commons
on10 November 2014,with support
from 39 partners.
By alerting government to this
alarming trend we aim to promote
a renaissance in craft education
so that school workshops will once
again become a hive of activity.
of makers are
sole traders
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