Crafts Council Annual Report 2014/15 - page 27

Annual Review2014/15
Our aim is for a craft sector that is sustainable, resilient and
innovative. To ensure we can effectively lead, support and develop
the sector, our effectiveness is an on-going priority.
As we grow as an organisation we continually seek to maximise
our operational effectiveness and efficiency to increase the impact
we are able to make.
During the year we began to implement a long-term plan to move
our offices from our home at 44a Pentonville Road to the adjacent
Stables Building. This will reduce our overall occupancy by 40 per
cent and allow us to increase our income by commercially renting
the vacated office spaces at 44a Pentonville Road. This plan
represents Phase 1 of a long-term plan that will see the ground
floor spaces at 44a refurbished and brought back into public use.
Alongside these major capital works we achieved a significant
4,000 tonnes (5 per cent) reduction in our carbon footprint
Finance review
In 2014/15 the Crafts Council increased investment in our core
charitable activities, especially in the areas of major exhibitions,
such as our forthcomingWhat is Luxury? exhibition at the V&A
and our audience development activities.
We have also invested in our future. By making prudent and
necessary use of our reserves we have increased our long-term
sustainability through capital investment in our office relocation
and the creation of digital assets such as our online maker directory.
Over the remainder of our current 2015-2018 Business Plan this
will allow us to build increased reserves to a level of £600,000.
Income generation
During the year, income from sources other than Arts Council
England, for whomwe are a National Portfolio Organisation, rose
by15 per cent to £1.176m in 2014/15.
The Crafts Council is grateful to our donors, patrons and supporters
whose generosity has contributed to this success, including all
those who gave to our Christmas 2014 campaign and our Fifty
Moments that Changed Craft appeal.
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