Crafts Council Annual Report 2014/15 - page 30

Crafts Council
Crafts Council
44a Pentonville Road
London N1 9BY
Phone:+44 (0) 20 7806 2500
This report is available in large print.
To obtain a copy in this format please
contact Crafts Council Reception on
+44 (0) 20 7806 2500
Crafts Council Registered Charity
Number 280956
Image credits
cover: Sophie Mutevelian.
p. 2: Sophie Mutevelian.
p. 4: Sophie Mutevelian.
p. 5: Tas Kyprianou.
p. 6: Dan Burn-Forti.
p. 8 and 9, all: Sophie Mutevelian.
p.10, both: Francis John Contreras.
p.11, left: Todd-White Art
p.13, all: Sophie Mutevelian.
p.14-15: map designed by
Henrietta Molinaro
p.16: Simon Mills Photography/
Courtesy of Craft & Design Collective.
p.18, top: Courtesy of the artist;
bottom: Tas Kyprianou
p.19, top: Kathryn Rattray; bottom:
Courtesy of the Institute of Making.
p. 21, top: Adrian Steadman; centre:
Michelle Panzeri and Celia Pym;
bottom: Tas Kyprianou.
p. 23: Sophie Mutevelian.
p. 27: Sophie Mutevelian.
Cover:Ndidi Ekubia in
her studio at Cockpit
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