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  • Ultramarine, Aquamarine, Ptolemy Mann, 2013

Celebration of Cloth and Colour

Ptolemy Manm’s woven textiles and new collection of rugs are on show to mark two decades of practice

Anyone familiar with Mann’s work will not be surprised to see her Craft Central solo show billed as a celebration of colour. Her intensely hued weaves have been a trademark since she graduated from the Royal College of Art in 1997. Speaking to Crafts magazine (March/April issue no. 253) Mann explained that while she initially wanted to be a painter, the restrictions of woven textile acted as an important filter for her: ‘With painting, you just have the paint, the brush, the canvas and free will but with weaving, all that creativity is distilled into this very specific, process-driven thing. I have so many inspirations that without those restrictions my work would be a mess… Weaving is phenomenally boring and repetitive, but I love it because it is the perfect combination of the things that really excite me – geometry, surface, colour and architecture.’

Alongside her signature stretched panels, Mann is showing her new collection of flat weave Gelim rugs made Indian weavers for Rug-maker. Mann describes her trip to see the Mirzapur weavers as ‘an explosion of colour and sensuality’ reflected in the colour palette she chose for the designs.

Celebration of Cloth and Colour is at The Gallery, Craft Central, 28 April to 2 May. Ptolemy Mann was the cover story for Crafts magazine March/April issue no. 253 



Indigo Grey Orange Colourfield, Ptolemy Mann