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Chloe Meineck’s Music Memory Box

Developed during a Crafts Council and Watershed Craft + Tech residency at the Autonomatic research group at Falmouth University in 2013

Three Craft + Tech residencies took place in 2013 in order to look at how makers could influence and invent the objects and interactions animating the Internet of Things. Chloe Meineck, Heidi Hinder and Patrick Laing, were each selected on the strength of their proposals to embed technologies within a specific project within their practice. 

Music Memory Box

Imagine a music box that invites dementia sufferers to hold familiar objects, which activate songs, and magically stir inaccessible memories. Chloe Meineck's Music Memory Box does just that, but now imagine that it could do even more? Setting out to develop this extraordinary project, Chloe will investigate the potential of communal experiences for care homes, which could even break out of the box to pervade the everyday.

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