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Patrick Laing’s Flying Skirt Light Shade

Developed during a Crafts Council and Watershed Craft + Tech residency at i-DAT within Plymouth University in 2013

Three Craft + Tech residencies took place in 2013 in order to look at how makers could influence and invent the objects and interactions animating the Internet of Things. Patrick Laing, Heidi Hinder and Chloe Meineck were each selected on the strength of their proposals to embed technologies within a specific project within their practice.

Flying Skirt Light Shade

At first Patrick Laing's Flying Skirt Light Shade hangs in a limp felt form from the ceiling, until it is switched on, where upon it begins to rotate and the skirt opens out, silently spinning like a dancer's. Whilst spinning its shape can be manipulated by touch, just like a thrown clay pot on a wheel. Patrick will explore whether his Flying Skirt Light Shade has the potential to become a playful public experience? Could smart, networked Skirts in transient spaces like airports or hotels, enable new forms of interaction?