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Crafter and Verse

Poetry inspired by the Crafts Council Collection for National Poetry Day

Wobbly Dress, Caroline Broadhead, 1990

The Wobbly Dress, John Agard, 2009

Beware all you who dare enter the wobbly dress
for there’s no telling what it does to flesh. 
To you the wobbly dress might sound like fun- 
a whimsical trip to the land of nylon-
you wait till it wraps you in oblivion.
The wobbly dress is of vintage design.
It shrouds you in wobbles till you feel divine.
You won’t find it on the high street or online.
No need to adorn it with accessories. 
Eurydice, they say, got lost in its sleeves 
on her one-way ticket down to Hades. 
Whether this be true or just catwalk gossip, 
how can you billow in perfect slumber
without that wobbly white number? 

About John Agard

Born in Guyana in 1949, John Agard is a playwright, poet and children’s writer. He has won numerous awards for his works, including the Paul Hamlyn Award for Poetry and the Cholmondeley Award. He chose the Caroline Broadhead piece Wobbly Dress to inspire a poem of the same name. 

“We surround ourselves with objects, whether functional, aesthetic, or both. And while our rational side would like to think of objects as having no soul, it doesn’t take much for our primeval mindset to start imbuing a familiar object with otherworldly powers. 

The  dress itself gives the impression that it may once have been worn. It is made from nylon panels, stitched in curving seams so that the dress distorts as it is sewn.


Primary Orbits, David Watkins, 1983

Primary Orbits poem, hand written by Jeremy Reed

Poet Jeremy Reed 

Working under the monicker Ginger Light, Jersey-born writer, poet and prose stylis Jeremy Reed colloborated with sonic soundscaper Itchy Ear to create a new piece of work inspired by Primary Orbits by jeweller David Watkins.