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Government publish 2015 Economic Estimates for the Creative Industries

Estimates of the economic contribution of the UK's creative industries

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) today launched the Creative Industries Economic Estimates for 2015

The DCMS headlines for craft are lower than last year’s figure and, more importantly, lower than the Crafts Council estimates in our 2014 report Measuring the Craft Economy in which we estimate that craft skills contribute £3.4 billion to the UK economy.

Why are the figures different?

DCMS acknowledge in their report that as a result of the limited data they use, the figures are “a significant under-estimate of the scale of the true Crafts industry.”

This disparity is mainly due to the limitations in the codes (data sources) used by DCMS which result in the estimates not fully covering the crafts sector.

Our Measuring the Craft Economy included more areas of craft, as well as counting micro-businesses and those people using craft skills in non-creative industries.

However inclusion of data on craft in the estimates is great news for the sector. Previously this was not the case but is included now following our 2013 report Defining and Measuring Craft: Proposals for a Way Forward which advised the DCMS on how it could measure and classify craft occupations

We are continuing to work closely with DCMS on the data they use. DCMS are also doing work to adopt aspects of our recommendations on counting micro-businesses in the future.

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