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  • Indundation, Laura Ellen Bacon. Photo: Dewi Tannatt Lloyd


Laura Ellen Bacon creates an immersive experience in willow for Ruthin Craft Centre

Made in response to the recent extreme flooding in North Wales and the Somerset Levels, Inundation consists of thousands of willow rods harvested from the affected areas. These rods have been meticulously tied together to make huge basket-like structures which appear to pour from the ceiling and fill the floor of one of the large galleries at Ruthin Craft Centre. 

Bacon says, “In recent months, the willow I’ve received from Somerset has held trace markings left from the receding waterline of the floods. This fascinating trace on each stem has given me vivid, imaginary images of the thousands of willow stems standing stoutly in the flood, waiting quietly for the threatening water levels to drop. Throughout the whole period of flooding and amid all the alarm and anxiety, the willow was standing, still and quiet. "

Inundation is at Ruthin Craft Centre from 2 August to 21 September


Indundation, Laura Ellen Bacon. Photo: Dewi Tannatt Lloyd