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  • David Clarke at Future Heritage

Capital craft

Our picks of London Design Festival this September


Our new show Inside Out at Platform Gallery features furniture from our Collection made by some of the biggest names of the last 40 years including Tom Dixon, Michael Marriott, Tomoko Azumi and Fred Baier. 

The V&A’s offering includes mischer’traxler’s Curiosity Cloud, an installation of 250 hand embroidered insects contained within blown glass globes, Barnaby Barford’s Tower of Babel comprising 3,000 ceramic shops representing a portrait of London and of course the free exhibition What is Luxury? 

Future Heritage at Decorex features exceptional makers, including David Clarke, Simone ten Hompel, Marcin Rusak, Shelley James and Raw Edges, 13 of which are showing new work.

Bill Amberg combines hand-stitched leather with furniture for The Common Collection on show in his studio. Bill is also hosting an evening of demonstrations of this highly specialised tradition technique on the 24 September. 

What place does gold have in the world of jewellery today – it’s the question asked in Where is the Gold?, a group show from Royal College of Art Jewellery & Metal students.


Max Lamb’s My Grandfather’s Tree at Somerset House sees a reluctantly felled tree turned into 130 stools, tables and chairs. 

Craft and Ingenuity at The New Craftsmen showcases the latest emerging talent in craft.  

RIBA Regent Street Windows Project pairs architects with retailers and this year Billy Lloyd has worked with Conran Brothers to create an installation of ceramic buttondown collars, seemingly in flight, for Brooks Brothers as they first introduced the item to men’s tailoring.


The Goldsmiths’ Centre presents A Sense of Jewellery which brings together outstanding modern jewellery from such luminaries as Gerda Flöckinger, Wendy Ramshaw and Dorothy Hogg. Be sure to see our complementary film programme Process on Film: Jewellery.  

Tent London has a strong craft offering this year with Four Corners of Craft from Etsy showcasing makers from the four corners of Britain, ó from the Crafts Council of Ireland, Constancy and Change in Korean Craft and Glassmania. And our very own Crafts team will be there with a special subscription offer for visitors. 

The Souvenir Project is a collection of nine new hand-made souvenirs, commissioned by Irish Design 2015, that challenge the perceived notions of Ireland.

Factory brings together Benchamrk and 1882 Ltd in a reunion of design, craft and industry for an exhibtion of new work and a programme of events.

Craft Central is presenting a group exhibition Material Consequences which offers an insight into the making process of seven makers. 

Reiko Kaneko will show the results of three years of experimentation with porcelain glazing in the Elementary store on Redchurch Street.

Ceramics in the City at the Geffrye Museum gives you chance to meet and buy work from over 50 potters.

Local boys Carl Clerkin and Danny Clarke’s will create a cardboard boozer in the Shoreditch Design Triangle. The Old Drawn Inn at Gallery SO looks at this great British institution in the context of an ever changing London. 

From sand-etched glass and wood, embellished textiles and porcelain, to bird skulls and preserved fish skins - cutting-edge craft meets dreamland at Designed I Crafted at the Society of Designer Craftsmen on Rivington Street.


Resonance: Making, Metal and Place at Contemporary Applied Arts looks at how our movement through cities and towns is shaped by metal such as railings, gates, fences and signposts by showing work by renowned metalsmiths.


For all events - www.londondesignfestival.com