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  • Fig Leaf, Tord Boontje, 2008. Photography by Lee Mawdsley, Courtesy of Meta.


Selling exhibition of work by Tord Boontje and Emma Woffenden at Sotheby’s

Originals - curated by Janice Blackburn - is Boontje’s first retrospective exhibition. It includes the tranSglass series made with glass artist Emma Woffenden, a collaboration with Alexander McQueen, work for for Swarovski and Moroso shown alongside sculptures and drawings by Woffenden.

The centrepiece will undoubtedly be Boontje’s 2008 Fig Leaf Wardrobe, a piece of virtuosic craftsmanship. Constructed from 616 enamel leaves hand-painted in the Midlands, the Fig Leaf Wardrobe is also lined with fabric made by Gainsborough Silks in Suffolk. On the piece’s launch, Alice Rawsthorn wrote: ‘This wardrobe isn’t a precious antique made by the great craftsmen of a past century, but a new work by the few living artisans who have mastered their skills. It was inspired by the “fantasy furniture” made at the turn of the 18th century when gifted craftsmen vied with each other to create ever more elaborate objects, and was dreamt up by the Dutch designer, Tord Boontje.’

Originals is on until 18 January 

Sotheby's exhibition website

Ballerina, Emma Woffenden, 2006. Image courtesy of Sotheby's