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  • Thomas Appleton Selecting stone from worked off-cuts at Portland Stone Firms. Photo: Jessica Lauren


Solo show by stonemason and letter carver Thomas Appleton

Having won Aspex’s inaugural Craft Emergency competition in 2013, Appleton claims his prize in shape of a solo show at the Portsmouth gallery. Talking to Grant Gibson, in the current issue of Crafts magazine, Appleton discussed his inspiration for the project: ‘I’m really aware that stone is everywhere. It’s so ubiquitous that we stop seeing it as a material. From a craft perspective, people are used to seeing ceramics and glass and paper but they don’t see stone in a similar way. There are lots of different reasons for that. It’s expensive, it’s heavy, it takes a specific skill set to work with. But I want people to feel they can start having a connection to stone.’

Stonecarved, a project that spans across a dedicated website and exhibition, is Appleton’s call to reconnect the public with stone as a material. Known for his letter-carving, the maker (and former Hothouse participant) will also be showing a more sculptural series inspired by his tours of British quarries.

For more on Appleton’s project see the July/Aug issue of Crafts magazine. Stonecarved is at Aspex, Portsmouth from 1 August to 27 September



Conversation: Welsh Slate, Thomas Appleton, 2015. Photo: Trent McMinnn