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  • ANGELA MELLOR, Porcelain teabowls, 2014 Image courtesy of Oxford Ceramics Gallery

Teabowls: Form, Function, Expression

Oxford Ceramics Gallery explores the Japanese teabowl with 300 pieces on show

Taking the teabowl, or chawan, at the centre of the Japanese tea ceremony as inspiration, Oxford Ceramics Gallery are presenting a range from historic to contemporary work. ‘This is our most ambitious exhibition to date, with an amazing line-up of makers,’ says James Fordham, director of the gallery, ‘We’ve invited established and emerging ceramists from all over the world, leaving the term ‘teabowl’ open to the individual artist’s interpretation, which should make for an exciting and unusual show.’ With over 60 makers included, expect a broad range from Wouter Dam and Carina Ciscato to Bernard Leach and Shoji Hamada.

Teabowls: Form, Function, Expression is at Oxford Ceramics Gallery until 20 November


YAMANE SEIGAN, Yunomi, 2014. Image courtesy of Oxford Ceramics Gallery