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  • Transition II. Photo: Gilmar Ribeiro, courtesy of the National Glass Centre

Transition II

Installation of a thousand hand-blown elements is at the National Glass Centre

Transition II is the largest work to date by Magdalene Odundo and was developed in partnership with glassblower James Maskrey. Known for her ceramics, the artist has spent recent years working with glassblowers across the globe to create her work. The culmination of this new direction is Transition II a large installation of suspended glass elements partly inspired by Ancient Egyptian ear studs and the sweeping shape of the River Nile.

‘My ceramics have always been vehicles for containment; they have been personal statements about what it is to be human,’ explains Odundo, ‘Glass as a material is more illusive. Like a mirage it creates an optical illusion.  It is simultaneously transparent and solid, fragile and strong, like water, it is neither here nor there.’

Transition II is at the National Glass Centre, Sunderland until 11 January 2015


For more on this project, see the feature on Transition II in the Sept/Oct issue of Crafts magazine.

Magdalene Odundo and James Maskrey working on a unit for Transition II in the National Glass Centre's Hot Glass Studio. Photo: Colin Davison, courtesy of the National Glass Centre