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What will help the craft sector after the election

The policy areas that will help craft

As the UK approaches a General Election on 8 June, the Crafts Council is keen to see the following policy areas supported by the next government. 

We believe the conditions for craft participation and the craft economy would be improved with a new  strategy for education and skills development that:

  • Addresses the risk of market failure in craft education and training (see our report Studying Craft 16
  • Promotes the ‘fused' education agenda, ensuring that all levels of the education system support students to develop their creative, practical talents alongside their scientific, technological and enterprise skills (see Innovation through Craft: opportunities for growth)
  • Develops a stronger understanding of the diversity of craft careers through a revised strategy for careers advice and guidance
  • Encourages and enables microbusinesses to cluster and share apprentices across several businesses
  • Provides investment and support for training that is specifically targeted at creative microbusinesses.

See our response to the Industrial Strategy Green Paper for our more detailed views.