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Ana Thompson

Ana Thompson is a Colombian designer based in London, with a background in Industrial Design and an MA in Jewellery Design (with distinction) from the CASS School of Art, Media & Design, London.

Since graduating from her MA she has worked at Assa Aschuach Studio completing projects for brands including Panasonic and Samsung, which implemented the use of new cutting edge technologies.  In 2014 she also established her own studio and was awarded a Bursary from Centrepunch to support the development of her own independent work. 

Ana Thompson Studio focuses on the design and production of jewellery and objects. Combining digital manufacturing and traditional craftsmanship to create pieces inspired by the microscopic structures of the unseen world with the aim to “inspire and create wonder”.

Her projects are based at the intersection of design and science.  Finding inspiration under the microscope and collaborating with scientists.  She manipulates their data into wearable body adornments using cutting edge technologies including 3D printing to create her interpretations of the macro-micro world.

Her latest project is in collaboration with Sean Speese, a PhD scientist in molecular biology based in OHSU (Oregon Health & Science University).  His work has led to the discovery of an endogenous nuclear mRNA export pathway that was previously thought to be utilised only by viruses.

Working with data from scientific research has given her the opportunity to translate the beauty within microscopic details into wearable pieces of jewellery through CAD and 3D printing.  Enhancing and encapsulating shape and form found in the fascinating details of nature.

She has recently exhibited her work at the MIT Media Lab in Boston, Massachusetts and Hacking Arts - MIT Media Lab as part of Descience.