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Anita Carnell

Anita is a London based Designer Maker showcasing her new collection of hand stitched, sculptured leather wall hangings which meticulously blend the materials of historic Cordovan leather craft, gold and metal threads.

Anita uses a simple action of mark making on leather, with a needle and gilded wire in a spacial way, thereby providing a feeling of emptiness which will allow the audience to engage and add their own spirit to her works.

Her art embodies a sense of global artistic practice using British historicalmaterials, embroidery, and eastern aesthetics.

She says: “The leather is my canvas, gold my paint and the varied needles Iuse as my brushes”.

The regal nature of gold speaks to all of us in a language of colour andtimeless beauty. The works encourage people to recognise the beauty of gold, not just for its monetary value but for the tonal and light refracting qualities it conveys. Gold creates shadows -‘without shadows there is no beauty’.

The aim is to help the viewer to see the unseen by taking into consideration the unstitched areas, which are equally as important.

The presented works include ‘The Cycle of Time’. The circle implies an idea of movement, symbolising the cycle of time and the perpetual motion of creation when the mind is free. The cycle is a spiral, but looks like a circle: no two sides are alike.

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Anita Carnell, Cycle of Time. 125cm x 90cm x 0.8mm. - Hand Stitched Leather wall covering. Leather, Mixed Media.

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