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Cheon Wooseon

Cheon Wooseon (b.1976), who studied metalwork through graduate school at Kyonggi University, has gained fame as the winner of many art contests, including the Special Prize at the 2013 Cheongju International Craft Biennale, and as a featured artist at various art fairs.

Jar with Cracks0115, inspired by white porcelain moon jars from the Joseon Dynasty, clearly demonstrates the artist’s adeptness at creating two-dimensional planes by intricately connecting a number of fine metal lines and developing them into three-dimensional objects. Unlike a traditional smooth-faced moon jar, his metal jar is composed of numerous cracks and gaps between metal lines, thereby communicating the significance of emptying and filling.

Cheon Wooseon, Jar with Cracks 0115m, 2015 H70√óD62 cm  Cooper, iron Photo: Studio Munch