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Fay McCaul & Kia Utzon-Frank

Curved Twists is an innovative and experimental collaboration between RCA graduates Fay McCaul and Kia Utzon-Frank.

Fay is uniting modern materials with knitting techniques to create diverse fabrics for partitions and artworks. Kia is a goldsmith and product designer and has a strong architectural and sculptural thread running through her multidisciplinary work. By exploring materials and techniques, Kia and Fay hope to alter people’s perceptions of craft. Their work has merged into a colour-changing, hand-made art installation that not only encourages the viewer to question, play and interact with the structure but also demonstrates functionality.

Fay McCaul & Kia Utzon-Frank, Curved Twist (detail), 2016 H250×W250×D100 cm  Knitted cotton, dichroic plastic, metal frame  Photo: Dunja Opalko