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Hugh Miller

Hugh Miller is an award-winning contemporary applied artist specialising in studio furniture in wood. Hugh trained as an architect and sees his work as small pieces of architecture, with the concept embedded in the intricacy of the detail. 

The design principles here were developed during a Churchill Research Fellowship to Japan in 2015. Made in English elm and brass and Japanese bamboo, it explores contrasts between texture and smoothness; between hidden and visible; between plane and lath; and between lightness and solidity. These illuminate the duality of the Japanese and Western cultural influences that underpin his work. The Coffee Ceremony is a series of pieces inspired by the everyday ceremonies of life in Japan as the inspiration for developing an everyday ceremony of his own. In this context, the process of making the pieces and the process of making coffee emerge as the same: both are ceremonies of making.

Hugh Miller, The Coffee Ceremony, 2016 H76×W50×D48 cm  Dining chair  Photo: Hugh Miller Furniture