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Juli Bolaños-Durman

Emerging Latin American designer with a background in graphic design, mixed-media and recent immersion into the glass material, give Juli a fresh and versatile vision when approaching the research and creative processes.

The primary theme within my creative process is the exploration of preciousness and how intuitive play jumpstarts the creation of new ideas within the studio practice. Preciousness is not only the value or quality of the materials themselves but more so the journey of transformation they represent. I find myself favouring and treasuring objects that act as storytellers and constitute experiences that are links to emotional connections. Therefore, it is essential for the creative process to give the artwork the same significance, disregarding where it came from or how it was constructed. I want to create raw pieces that are put together sensibly through the joyfulness of play and explore the different materials and ideas to provoke the boundaries of what is art and its meaning. 

Consequently, by aiming to transform ordinary objects into valuable-timeless pieces or objects d’art, the process flows effortlessly to materialize into sculptural art with soul or as we refer to in Spanish: 'flavour'.  By challenging and appropriating traditional notions of originality, the mixture of media and their juxtaposition end up attributing more character to contemporary compositions, portray a richer narrative and develop my artistic identity as an intuitive researcher. 

Until now I have been using blown and found glass as my main vehicle and transforming it into precious pieces through cutting. But I am also interested in repurposing found materials and challenging myself to transform them into unexpected objects that tell a story.

Winner of the ELLE DECORATION British Design Awards 2015- ECO DESIGN Category, New Designers CGS First Prize 2013 and included in the collection of Museum of Contemporary Design and Applied Arts (MUDAC) Collection. Lausanne, CH. and Chancellor’s Fellowship Award Commission, UK.

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Juli Bolaños-Durman Ode to Intución Series Found and blown glass transformed by cutting Photo: Shannon Tofts

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