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Nicola Tassie

Nicola Tassie

My ceramic practice incorporates both functional and sculptural ceramics

I work in the studio pottery tradition to produce small batch ranges of thrown domestic ware- jugs, bowls, bottles, cups, mugs, plates; and include stand alone pieces such as jugs and lamp-bases.  My interests are in the materiality of the object; exploring texture, mark making and the relationship of surface to form.  Works can be unglazed – showing the raw material of the clay body- or glazed with a selection of matt and ash glazes. My Forms show continuity with traditions of domestic ware as represented in the history of ceramic/art or this and other countries vernacular pottery traditions.  

The domestic object also forms the basis of more conceptual works which display functional, functionally ambiguous, and overtly sculptural works together in larger scale installations and ‘still life’ sets that explore the place and status of craft in contemporary culture.  Having initially studied painting at Central school of Art and Design, the crossovers between art and ceramics are a continuing preoccupation of my practice. Several themes interleave the works; an engagement with the history of art and ceramics; its classification and ideas of display; and its appeal to the senses, especially via relationships of space and perception and the presence of risk, control and containment. 

I use a wide variety of clay types – stoneware, porcelains, earthenware, paper clays and fire in an electric kiln. Most of my work is thrown on the wheel but recently I have also been hand building. Some of the installation pieces incorporate plinths, shelves and other supporting structures in various materials.