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Paula Ortega

Paula Ortega is a London-based designer-maker, jeweller and artist concerned with what is precious and how we assign meaning and value to wearable and non-wearable objects.

A trained opera singer with a preference for jazz, Paula also studied experimental electro-acoustic music composition and audio-visual communication. Paula brings these intangible but highly creative prior bodies of work to her designs.

Paula is relentlessly curious, precise and passionate about materials and processes. Multidisciplinary training and a holistic outlook are Paula’s greatest assets in her creative life and provide the setting for her grounded yet unconventional aesthetic.

Driven by her fascination for fractals and the unseen structures and patterns that are part of our world– both created by nature and humankind, Paula’s debut collection, Liminal is a synthesis of curved, 100% recycled silver and vegetable sponge cores, hand-coloured with plant dyes.

Paula is proud to run her practice in an ethical and sustainable way. She is committed to substituting toxins in the making process with ecologically-sound alternatives wherever possible.

She is currently developing a bioplastic for her next collection of wearable and non-wearable sculptures that will explore the ideas behind the lifespan of a piece, and how some parts may degrade and others stand the test of time.