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Shauna Richardson

Award winning British artist Shauna Richardson invented the term Crochetdermy® to describe her distinctive work - realistic life-size animal sculpture created using crochet.

Studying fine art at university, Shauna’s aim was to find out what art was, study it and then make it.

Although unable to find a satisfactory definition of art she did discover lots of differing opinions. Feeling an affinity with artists who dared to challenge, Shauna occupied herself by studying theories and making work that flouted rules set down by the author.

There is a rich body of work to support the theory that ‘anything can be art’, Crochetdermy® evolved as a result of searching for rules within this theory.

In a bid to challenge the theory of ‘anything’, she began looking at objects, at collecting things, nice things, accessible things, at craft, the artist’s hand, at putting work back on the plinth. The work she makes now, evolved over a long period of time. The concept and the rebellion may be hidden behind the handmade nature of the work, behind the barefaced skills and the nice accessible outcome, but it addresses the same questions about art.

Shauna Richardson’s work has received much critical acclaim and is exhibited internationally. UK venues include Natural History Museum, Saatchi Gallery and the Victoria & Albert Museum.

Commissions include a Crochetdermy® portrait of HRH Prince Harry as ginger baboon. and The Lionheart Project - a flagship project for the London 2012 Olympic Games for which she crocheted three 25ft lions that toured the UK in a mobile glass vehicle.

In a sculpture based on a Grimms folk tale, The Bremen Musicians is a 3 meter tall tower consisting of four life-size animals balanced on top of one-another.

Shauna Richardson Bremen Musicians Aran wool crochet sculpture


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