Crafts Christmas Gift Guide 2015 - page 11

studios inStokeNewington. She does
lots of carvedwood and slick, brightly
colouredpieces. One brilliant present
I’ve been given is a bowl by potter
OwenWall, which I use every day.
Being amaker is a bit like being a chef
whono-one cooks for: it’s quite hard to
persuade people that a home-made
presentwouldmeanmore tome than
something that’s bought.
AnthropoidClothing tohand-draw
spider crabs on a t-shirt formy husband,
whichhe loved. I also covet the
collectionby SarahHurtigkarl:
the spoonsmimic the shape of crab claws.
I’mamaking-my-own-presents kind
of guy butmy siblings have had
enoughof receiving ceramics, so these
days I endupbuying themsomething.
There’s a great pop-upChristmasmarket
atGreyWolf Studios inGlasgowwhere
you can getwork by Laura Spring –
a textile designerwhodoes geometric
prints on tea towels, rucksacks and
printedwax oil tablecloths – and
GarnetMcCulloch. He’s one of the best
throwers inGlasgowandmakes quite
quirky, weird cups. Last year, I bought
a cup in the shape of a skull, whichwent
downwell. In the past I’ve boughtmy
sister jewellery by LinaPetersonwho
works at theChocolate Factory artist
I tend to shop inEdinburghbecause
it’smy home. There are a couple of
great independent shops: the first is Life
Story, which sells unusual homeware,
carefully selected clothing and
accessories. In the past I’ve bought
knitwear byHilaryGrant, who is based
inOrkney, both formyself and as gifts.
The colours are beautiful and everything
is extremely cosy. The other place is
men’s lifestyle shopDick’s, which is
inStockbridge nearmy studio. I think
shops like that are quite hard to come
by. They have an amazing selectionof
clothes, handmade leatherwallets and
fantastic toiletries. I also go toopen
studios at CoburgHouse. This year
I’ll be looking atwork by Jode Pankhurst,
a young excitingmakerwhoblends
illustration and ceramics. InLondon
I go toplaces likeTheNewCraftsmen.
I bought a trook byGeoffrey Fisher.
It’s a simple hookmade out of a branch
to goon thewall.My partner said it’s
the best gift he’s ever received.
I tend to go to the open studio
sales; they’re a great place tohave
a rummage around and get a good
bargain. Youmight love something
for its imperfections that themaker
thinks is a second. Standpoint Studios,
where I have a space, always has a sale.
At the endof the evening I go toNicola
Tassie’s studio to seewhat’s left and
we do swaps. Nicola’s stuff always goes
downwell as presents: everyone loves
her jugs. This yearwe’re going todo
a sale at TheKilnRooms so I guess that’s
where I’ll be gettingmost ofmy stuff.
One person towatchout for is Adam
Ross, who Iwent to school with. He
makes a lot of jugs andbottles, really
beautiful stoneware. Recently I’ve also
bought a small pilgrimvase byDylan
Bowen at
Ceramic Art London
, and a
piece byKyraKane fromthe
Clockwise fromtop left:
Barrel Pouches
, Laura
Carved in Pinks
necklace, Lina Peterson;
Torelli 54 Bern Leather
Angry Cat
BordahloPinheiro from
Skipping Rope
Geoffrey Fisher
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