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Leadingmakers take thewraps offwhat they’ll be giving friends and family thisYule. ByEmmaLove
Tree Necklace
Tea Towel
Annabel Rainbow
Below: mug, James
live, the Selborne Pottery, and
I either buymugs fromthere or from
makers such asChrisKeenan and
James andTillaWaters.
Conceptual artist
Every year I have a different theme for
friends and family. Last year I found a
lovely photographofmymumas a child,
got a photographer friendofmineRupert
Mardon toblow it up, and gave it tomy
family. For friends I bought lots of locally
made produce fromtheWivey Larder in
Wiveliscombe, Somerset. This year for
friends I’mgoing tobuy some printed tea
towels by textile artist Annabel Rainbow;
I haven’tworkedoutwhat I’mgoing todo
for family but I don’t spend a lot ofmoney.
One year Imademosaic candlesticks,
which I remember took forever. I asked
my daughter recentlywhat she thought
mymost successful present has been and
she said either a skirt Imade her out of
vintage fabric a couple of years agoor the
saxophone I bought herwhen shewas 14.
I really like buying second-hand things on
eBay.My partner and I collect 1970s
space-age candlesticks byCarl Zalloni
thatweremanufacturedby aGerman
company calledSteuler – I sometimes buy
those as presents for him. He likesPanton
lamps, particularly the
lamp. I’ve
been looking at one for this year but don’t
know if I can afford it. I’ve also gotmy eye
on ceramics by Swedishdesigner Lisa
Larson, who started at theGustavsberg
PorcelainFactory in the 1950s. Shemade
small animal figurines that are still
produced, but I prefer tobuy older ones.
My favourite shop is the Finnishdesigner
KlausHaapaniemi’s onRedchurchStreet
in east London. I love his nature-inspired
fabrics, which are great for turning into
pillows. They look sweet but are also a bit
uncannywithout being toodark.
Glass engraver
Christmas gifts have become less
important tome over the years. I prefer to
buy things for people throughout the year
when I see something special I think they
would like. I go toNewYork quite often
withmy husband, Robin, who is an
auction addict, andhe once bought a little
painting by Scottish artist RoryMcEwen,
whichwe repatriated and gave toour
daughter. I oftenbuy fromjeweller
GrainneMortonwhohas aChristmas
open studio. I like tobuy gifts that canbe
used every day, then you remember the
maker at the same time. I’ve bought a
number of pieces by JohnChristiewho
makes tactile but functional vessels at
BlackHills Pottery, near Elgin. I also try
to go to theChristmas charity sale at
LindeanMill Glass. I’veworkedwith
DavidKaplan, the glassblower there;
the pieces are so gorgeous I find it
awrench to give themaway.
I normally run screaming to the hills at
the thought of retail. I think that people
have got toomuch stuff so I tend tobuy
food andwine. There’s a nice Italiandeli
inAlton, my nearest town, calledBottega
dei Sapori (whichmeans ‘the house of
flavours’). It’s basically a caféwith a little
deli, andwhen I reachdesperation I go
there andbuy interesting pastas and
make up little hampers. If I’mmore
organised I do sometimesmake things –
not often ceramics, although I didonce
makemywife a set of pasta bowls that
brought a tear toher eye.
I carvewoodon a purely
hobby basis, so I’ll do
people’s names
on and last year I
mademywife a
house sign.
If I’mgiving
ceramics I tend tobuy
themfromother people.
There’s a really good
pottery in the villagewhere I
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