Crafts Christmas Gift Guide 2015 - page 8

Clockwise fromtop left:
Dropped ice, Peach and
, Anna
Little Sun
jewellery, Nervous
System;Woodfired coil
pot, Edinbane Pottery;
Stuff Matters
lovely giving someone an ice creamat
Christmas because it’s against the grain.
My habit is to try anddo allmyChristmas
shopping inone place, whether its
Carluccio’swhere Imight buy 20
panettones and spread themamongmy
family, or at open studios. I take a little
list, do it all, then run away.
I do the rounds at the art school degree
shows such as theGlasgowSchool of Art,
EdinburghCollege of Art and the
Royal College of Art, andpickup limited-
editionprints, which I’ll have framed for
Christmas presents. I’moftenup in the
north, sowhen I amI’ll drop into the
Edinbane Pottery on the Isle of Skye. The
pieces are quite expensive but beautiful.
InGlasgowthere’s a goodChristmas
market at SouthBlockWasps Studios; in
Edinburgh I go to theEdinburgh
Printmakers andCarsonClark, which
sells all sorts of antiquemaps of Scotland.
I alsohit themuseumshops. I gotmy
brother a gamer kit byArduino, for
example, which is basically away of
making your own games console. It’s
great for a tech geekwho is also creative.
Acouple of years ago I commissioned
scientific illustrator Abigail Lingfordof
Recently Iwent to theGraysonPerry
exhibition at TurnerContemporary and
pickedup a pair of quite tacky but cute
ice-creamearrings andPerry’s biography
fromthe shop. I like giving books that
I’ve already read as presents, because if I
like something Iwant to share it. This
year I’malso going to giveEdmundde
Waal’s newbook,
TheWhite Road
, to
someone. Apublisher friendofmine gave
me an early copy formy birthday and it’s
really thoughtful. I discoveredMark
Miodownik’s book,
Stuff Matters
, at
theWellcomeCollection shop. He’s
amaterial scientist at the Institute of
Making andhis book is so engaging. I’m
amaterials nerd, but it’s a really nice
present for someonewhodoesn’t think
they’re excited aboutmaterials. Formy
niece anddaughter I’mgoing tobuy the
Little Sun
lampbyOlafur Eliasson. It’s in
the shape of a flower anddesigned as
a solar lamp for places likeAfrica.
Cell Cycle
collectionof 3D-printed
rings andbracelets, basedon cellular
forms byNervous System, is interesting
too. I recentlymet the guys behind
, which is a really clever
mudguard for bikes that is light and rolls
upunder your saddlewhen youdon’t
need it.My brother cycles everywhere so
I’mgoing to get one for him.
More often thannotwe go away for
Christmas to somewhere like India,
wherewe have aminiatureChristmas
tree the height of a banana and tiny
ornaments thatwe hang fromthe
lampshades inour hotel. I domost ofmy
shopping at theCockpit ArtsHolborn
open studioswhere I have bought from
Luna Lighting, and fromJaneAdam, who
makes aluminiumjewellery. Iwouldn’t
dreamof giving someone a present that
isn’t hand-made. I alsohave a fantastic
assistant calledAnnaBarlowwhomakes
themost extraordinary porcelain ice
creams. I’ll often go toherChristmas sale
and sweepup all her pieces early on. It’s
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