Crafts Magazine Guide to COLLECT 2015 - page 14

Fenella Elms
Emergence (part 1 of 7),
H200 x W90 x c.D6 cm
Stained porcelain,
cement, ply board,
painted wooden frame
Photo: Deborah Husk
Fenella Elms creates
intriguing wall pieces,
remarkable for their intricate
structures and textures, from
small pieces of porcelain
that she calls ‘beads’.
The work is based on the
interaction of similar parts
and the connection that
comes about through
relationships and
formations. The
indiscernibly shifting
components – the carefully
hand-placed beads – build
up into a co-operative,
complex, whole body.
‘Emergence’ is a concept
variously defined as the
coming together of larger
entities, patterns and
regularities, through
interactions of smaller or
simpler entities. Fenella has
chosen this name because
it represents what she is
trying to create in her work
for COLLECT 2015: a waking
up, a coming together.
Her installation of porcelain
panels was made from
approximately 360,000
stained porcelain beads.
Fenella’s work reflects her
growing knowledge of
porcelain’s qualities,
especially when pushed to
its limits. Her sharp powers
of observation, developed
during her first career as a
psychoanalyst, enable her
to continually nudge the
work forward; progress as
evolution. Her aim is to
ensure that the work is alive:
responsive to light and the
angle from which it is
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