Crafts Magazine Guide to COLLECT 2015 - page 15

Grant McCaig
Left: Gold, Hot, 2013
H17 x W12.5 x D12.5 cm
Cast iron with gold leaf
Photo: Grant McCaig
Grant McCaig’s current body
of work is an investigation
into the space around the
finished object. During a
recent trip to South America,
he was able to research
large-scale metal casting
in a foundry in Bogota,
Colombia. He found the
processes involved in
realising the work
fascinating; the tools, the
materials, the heat and the
glowing liquid metal. And
yet all these elements would
be missing from the final
cast objects, and this
seemed a shame, as they
were integral to his
enjoyment. Grant’s new
work is a way of exploring
the origins of form and
also an attempt to establish
new dialogues within his
practice: a focus on process,
action, metamorphosis,
value and alchemy.
Alice Kettle
Above: The Dog Loukanikos
and the Cat’s Cradle (detail),
H160 x W360 cm
Stitched textile
Photo: Joe Low
Alice Kettle uses stitch for
its narrative and expressive
potential. Her work
explores the deep material
connection of the cultural
and human condition. She
often derives the narratives
in her pieces from epic
myth, from contemporary
events or from a
combination of both. Her
large stitched wall-hangings
tell stories that resonate
with feeling and layers of
meaning, expressed through
a masterful use of stitching
and sophisticated
composition. Made
especially for COLLECT
2015, ‘The Dog Loukanikos
and the Cat’s Cradle’ depicts
three girls playing cat’s
cradle with string. The
thread binds the girls
together, while another cat’s
cradle entangles the line of
riot police. In the recent
Greek protests against
austerity measures, stray
dogs have become
entangled in the conflict,
symbolising those attacked.
Homeless, one of those
dogs, Loukanikos, fights in
fearless resistance: the story
becomes a game of cat and
dog, playing with issues of
power and powerlessness,
with lines of engagement,
connections, twists, knots
and patterns of peoples.
Alice’s piece for COLLECT
Golden Dawn
, was
acquired by Shipley Art
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