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Intro text
Sebastian Schildt+
Sebastian Schildt+ is a gallery for
contemporary arts and crafts in
Stockholm. The gallery offers an
exciting environment and meeting
place for unique jewellery, silver,
ceramics, furniture, glass and more.
It is a home for those who appreciate
beautiful items of the highest quality.
Nybrogatan 25,
S – 114 39
T +46 (0) 8665 4088
Sebastian Schildt,
Owner and Founder
Dorota Liszke, Coordinator
Disa Katarina Eriksson
Ingrid Bärndal, jewellery
Helena Bengtsson, textile
Yuki Ferdinandsen, silver
Carsten From Andersen, silver
Simon Klenell, glass
Olle Olls, silver
Ru Runeberg, silver
Sebastian Schildt, silver
Pamela Wilson,
textile and jewellery
Carsten FromAndersen
Stone, 2014
H20 x W21 cm
Hand-raised in 925 silver
Photo: Anders Bøggild
‘Old stone walls, stone
houses and stone circles
have always fascinated me.
Great heaps of many
different stones in all
shapes: this I have every day
for many years used in my
garden of great joy. Stones
shapes – big, small, coarse,
as smooth, hammered out in
the silver surface – decorate
for the first time a new set of
silverware from my
– Carsten From Andersen
Simon Klenell
Opposite: Orange, 2014
H24 x W21 cm
Blown solid coloured glass
Photo: Erik Wåhlström
‘The merger between
technical and thematic
process is a major driving
force in my work: to find a
process or view that
questions or confirms how
we relate to objects and
materials. My aim is to treat
the cultural and functional
aspects of the material in the
same way as the physical
material, as something
amorphous and ductile.’
– Simon Klenell
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