Crafts Magazine Guide to COLLECT 2015 - page 55

Bending Bowl
SeoyoonKim, 2014
Faceted Boxes
AndreaWalsh, 2014
Since it began five years agoCOLLECT
Open (previously known as the
) has always been a place for
experimental work. It is wheremakers
push the boundaries of their practice,
whether through trying out different
materials and techniques, collaborative
partnerships or working on a bigger scale
than ever before.
Thisyear isnoexception. Six
individuals and two collectives selected
from the open submission process,
namely: AndreaWalsh, Rita Parniczky,
KateMaestri, Katrin Spranger, Seoyoon
Kim, SoojinKang; Making Enhanced and
trio ValeriaNascimento, Sheng Tsang
Chen andCristina Vezzini, are all using
the exhibition as a platform to launch
new ideas in some form.
Designer-maker AndreaWalsh has
created a large-scale, 5m-long display of
the highly polished, jewel-like ceramic,
glass, preciousmetal and stone boxes she
is best known for. Metalworker Seoyoon
Kim(whose workwas spotted by Crafts
Council executive director Rosy
Greenlees, at South Korea’s Craft Trend
Fair last year) is showing a new series of
sculptural vessels. Artist SoojinKang is
challenging traditional perceptions of
weavingwith awall piece that spills onto
the floor and encompasses furniture and
other objects too.
Rita Parniczky, another textile artist,
hasmade three individual, hand-woven,
3mx 3mpanels of ‘X-Ray Fabric’ – the
largest piece she has ever produced.
With a thin, translucent nylon yarn not
typically used inweaving, Parniczky
creates patterns in the warpwith a hand-
operated computer-linked loom. ‘When
the human body is x-rayed you see bones;
that’s what I want to dowith fabric.
I want to look inside and see what makes
it,’ she says of the yarn combinations she
uses to visualise her thinking.
‘When the light goes through the
material, the appearance changes so it
looks like woven glass.’ Rather thanwall
hangings, she calls her pieces ‘space
hangings’ because they are attached to
the ceiling. This is to encourage
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