Crafts Magazine Guide to COLLECT 2015 - page 56

audiences towalk around to observe
them fromvarious sides and angles.
Parniczky’s patterns reinterpret tiny
architectural details such as fan vaults,
this time taken fromphotographs of the
inside of theHouses of Parliament.
Another artist whose work is linked
to architecture is KateMaestri, who is
renowned for her large-scale glass
installations. For COLLECTOpen,
she has created ametal wall sculpture
inspired by theNational Theatre. ‘I’m
heavily intomodernist architecture.
My studio used to be at theOxo Tower
on the South Bank, so for years I would
go past the theatre every day,’ she recalls.
Maestri collaged over photographs
and architectural drawings to create
new line patterns, which she then
translated into fine lines of extruded,
metal rods, powder-coated in a palette
of blues and greens.
‘TheNational Theatre is such a
beautiful building but what’s interesting
tome is that it always looks different
depending on the changing light and
, Kate
Maestri, 2014
TheWaves In
The Breeze
SoojinKang, 2015
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