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colours surrounding it.’
Although she has usedmetal in her
large-scale practice before, she sees
her work showing here as ‘a sketchbook
or research piece’ for the future.
‘I’m interested to see howworking with
metal will influencemy architectural
collaborations further down the line.’
This idea of what’s on showbeing
a research piece is integral toMaking
Enhanced, a collective of designers and
historians, split into four pairs (one
maker with one writer) according to
their shared interests.
‘Asmakers, we feel that we are
researchers too, it’s just that our output
is objects instead of words,’ explains
ceramist Tamsin van Essen, who has
teamed upwith historian Betsy Lewis-
Holmes to look at the ‘fetish of health
and all the paraphernalia we surround
ourselves with in the quest for beauty
and perfection’, historically and now.
Both studied at the Royal College of
Art but onlymet when jewellery designer
AliceMcLean and designermaker
Jennifer Gray came upwith the concept
of Making Enhanced. They decided to
link upwithmembers fromFig 9, a group
of graduates from the RCA and
Victoria &AlbertMuseum’s History of
DesignMA, and asked if othermakers
would be interested inworking
collaboratively too. ‘Alice and Jenny
thought it would be an interesting
experiment to see if makers and
historians, people from two different
fields, could research together in an
integratedway,’ continues van Essen.
For COLLECTOpen, each pair is
offering viewers an insight into how their
research is developing through showing
works in progress. In the case of van
Essen and Lewis-Holmes, that means a
combination of ceramic objects,
drawings, sketches andwords.
For AliceMcLean, who is working with
writer JustineBoussard, the focus ison
PeckhamRye Common, near where they
both live.‘We want to create a design
strategy tomake history engaging
through art and fables,’ McLean says.
X-Ray Towers
fromX-Ray Fabric
Crystal Series
, Rita
Parniczky, 2012
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