Crafts Magazine Guide to COLLECT 2015 - page 65

We enable people
nationwide to experience
the full cultural value
of craft
"An excellent, thought
provoking exhibition"
Hidden Agenda:
Socially Conscious Craft
visitor, 2014
“We have seen greater
audience members, people
becoming more aware
of the craft sector,
audiences being enthused
or knowing more about
craft and are really positive
about Crafts Council
David Sinclair, curator,
The Civic, Barnsley
We support the growth
of a robust craft sector in
a global marketplace
“I’ve secured private royal
commissions in Dubai.
It has literally kick-started
my career. Thank you
for making it possible”
Fay McCaul, Design Days
Dubai 2015 exhibitor
“London is awash with
people interested in craft
and COLLECT is an
exemplary showcase”
Adrian Sassoon, London,
COLLECT exhibitor
We represent and
promote the craft sector
on national and
international stages
“Thank you so much for
two days of eye opening,
era- defining content.
It really does feel as if we
are at the beginning of
something huge”
Make:Shift conference
delegate, November 2014
Left to right: Cross-fire Teapot, Geoffrey Mann, 2010. Ndidi Ekubia in her studio. Make:Shift:Do 2014 at the
Institute of Making. Memetotem, Adam Nathaniel Furman, 2013. Visitors enjoying COLLECT. Wedgwoodn’t Tureen, Michael Eden, 2010.
With thanks to Todd-White Art Photography and Sophie Mutevelian
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