Crafts Magazine Guide to COLLECT 2015 - page 73

BoothTalk: SarahMyerscough
4pm. Stand 2.2, Ground floor
In an age of digital disassociationwith
materials, PeterMarigoldwill talk
about the importance of physical
interactionwith forms andmaterials
as part of the design process.
4.30pm. Events Space, Second floor
What happens whenmakers eschew
certainty of outcome, instead
embracing chance, volatility and
impermanence in their work?Wood
artist NicWebb, and silversmiths
DavidClarke andHazel Thorn
discuss with session chair Lottie
Davies, Taylor-Wessing Prize-
winning photographer and BAFTA-
nominated short filmartist.
Crafting the Future
11.45am. Events Space, Second floor
Digital and technical developments
are embedding themselves ever
more firmly in our lives. Crafts
Council innovation curator Karen
Gaskill explores, with glass artist
Shelley James, ceramist Martin
Bodilsen Kaldaal and weaver Monika
, how new
technology enhances their practice.
Above: Hazel Thorn (GalleryTen)
Left: Shelley James (SarahMyerscough
Gallery). Opposite: PeterMarigold
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