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BoothTalk: Katie Jones
12.45pm. Stand 7.1, First floor
YukitoNishinakawill be talking
about his glass workwith particular
emphasis on his interpretation
of the classical method of
repair known as
TheMany Lives of Craft
1.15pm. Events Space, Second floor
Craft Lives
is aNational Life Stories
project at the British Library to
record in-depth oral histories of
eminent British craftspeople,
exploring both their personal and
working lives, and capturing essential
insights into theUK’smaking history
whichmight otherwise have been
lost. Join project interviewers
Frances Cornford and Elizabeth
Wright as they share the inspiring
stories collected so far.
BoothTalk: AdrianSassoon
2.15pm. Stand 8.3, First floor
Ceramist Felicity Aylieff discusses her
cross-cultural experiences, how these
have fed into her practice and the
creation of suchmagnificent and
monumental works of art.
2.45pm. Events Space, Second floor
In partnershipwith the inaugural
LondonCraftWeek, running
across the capital from6-10May,
COLLECT 2015 hosts a panel debate
exploring the reasons why people
collect craft. Grant Gibson, editor
magazine, will be in
discussionwith gallery owner
Adrian Sassoon, collector-curator
SarahGriffin and designer-collector
Beverley Rider.
BoothTalk: Joanna Bird
3.45pm, Stand 2.1, Ground floor
Following the success of
The North
Sketch Sequence
at Chatsworth,
Jacob van der Beugel discusses his
exploration of the boundaries of art
and science through ceramics. His
new series of wall-based pieces look
at re-humanising data, something
plentiful in ourmodern society.
BoothTalk: Contemporary
4.30pm. Stand 6.1, First floor
Fenella Elms’s work reflects her
knowledge of porcelain’s qualities
when pushed to its limits. Her powers
of observation, developed during
her first career as a psychoanalyst,
enable her to continually nudge
thework forward.
Above: Jacob vander Beugel (Joanna
Bird). Left: Felicity Aylieff (Adrian
Sassoon). Below: FenellaElms
(Contemporary AppliedArts)
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