Crafts Magazine Guide to COLLECT 2015 - page 76

Sunday 10May
The First Decade:
BritishMaking& theCrafts
Council Collection 1972-1982
11.45am. Events Space, Second floor
Supported by the Heritage Lottery
Fund, The First Decade Project is
a dynamic learning programme and
online resource related to objects
acquired by the Crafts Council
between 1972 and 1982. Join the
Crafts Council’s head of exhibitions
and collections, Annabelle Campbell
andmaker Caroline Broadhead to
examine this significant era of craft.
BoothTalk: Bishopsland
12.45pm. Stand 1.1, Ground floor
Adi Toch explores themorphological
qualities of vessels and creates
contemplativemetal objects, inviting
interaction through their tactility.
Shewill discuss her processes and
reflect on recent work.
Materials Reborn?
1.15pm. Events Space, Second floor
In 2014, the Arts Foundation and
Clothworkers’ Foundation launched
aMaterials Innovation Fellowship to
embrace the cross-over between art,
design, engineering, and craft. In this
discussion, Sarat Babu, the 2015
winner, and fellownominees Berit
Greinke andRita Parniczky (also a
COLLECTOpen artist), will talk
about their work and challenge the
waywe currently seematerials.
BoothTalk: TheGallery at London
2.15pm, Stand 9.1, First floor
Founder and glass artist Peter Layton
describes the diverseworks being
shown by TheGallery at London
Glassblowing, and positions them
within the global context of the
ContemporaryGlass Artmovement.
Above: Adi Toch (Bishopsland)
Right: Peter Layton (TheGallery
at LondonGlassblowing). Below: Rita
Parniczky (COLLECTOpen)
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