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2.45pm. Events Space, Second floor
Place and nature have been sources
of inspiration for artists throughout
history and across disciplines.Here,
Mercury Prize-nominated folk singer
andwilderness expert SamLee
discusses the enduring pull of these
themes with leather artist Laura
YoungsonColl, ceramist AdamBuick
and another speaker to be confirmed.
BoothTalk: TheWills LaneGallery
3.45pm, Stand 1.3, Ground floor
With 20 years’ experiencemaking
thrown domesticware, Nicola Tassie
is showing at COLLECT for the first
time. Shewill discuss the ideas in her
recent work, inwhich she explored
functional, functionally ambiguous
and overtly sculptural vessels.
BoothTalk: Joanna Bird
4.30pm, Stand 2.1, Ground floor
Annie Turner discusses the
inspiration behind her work and
the intricate processes that goes
intomaking each delicate form.
Monday 11May
11.15am. Events Space, Second Floor
The Crafts Council’s 2014 research
Measuring the Craft Economy
that craft skills in industries beyond
the creative sector generate over
£2.4bn GVA per year. Here, textile
artist Karina Thompson, with her
collaborator Dr MatthewHoward,
King’s College London, and Chloe
Meineck share their experiences
of working in the fields of medical
wearable technology and the
internet of things.
12.15pm, Stand 9.4, First floor
Mai Yamamoto, a young but already
sought after Japanese glass artist
fromTokyo, will talkwithMichele
Vitucci, owner ofMichekoGallery,
about contemporary glass design in
Japan and the discipline’s popularity
in a countrywith a celebrated and
well-established craft tradition.
Above: NicolaTassie (TheWills Lane
Gallery). Right: AnnieTurner (Joanna
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