‘Velvet’ 2006 by  Mårten Medbo; Photograph: Mårten Medbo, 2006

Art in Action, Waterperry

Published 20 Jul 2009 by Teleri L-J

Visit Art In Action, spend a day in the country? 'Great!', I thought, 'a chance to get out of the big smoke, see some craft, breathe in some fresh air, soak up the sun and say hi to a few cows'. But the country had other ideas...

  • Art in Action rain

    The previous day had been glorious sunshine but today there was rain, thunder and lightening and a little bit more rain.

  • More Art In Action rain

    And then it rained some more.

  • Daphne Krinos's rings

    Once inside you managed to forget about the weather and could start concentrating on some of the work. I was particularly happy to see Daphne Krinos there with her jewellery especially these architectural gold and silver rings.

  • Louise Gardiner

    Here’s Louise Gardiner momentarily looking up from her sewing machine at the prospect of a cup of tea whilst passers-by oggled her work.

  • David Gates furniture

    David Gates showed his furniture as a group of small models surrounded by sketches and working drawings.

  • Jim Steele Windsor chairs

    At the more traditional end, Jim Steele showed his various tools and processes for making Windsor chairs, along with some very cool looking stools.

  • Sasha Wardell

    The beautifully delicate bone china by Sasha Wardell (she’s the blurry figure in the background on the right). They look especially good when a rare ray of sunshine shone through them.

  • Linda Bloomfield

    Linda Bloomfield was working at her wheel with a large crowd gathering round.

  • Alpa Mistry

    The lovely Alpa Mistry brought her loom all the way from London – perhaps the textiles tent was on a hill because she seemed miraculously dry and stable.

  • Thame Out

    Most people didn’t let the rain dampen their spirits, and it’s a testament to the exhibitors that what began as a wash out ended up as a rather good day. We headed back home, got the train from Haddenham & Thame station, took off our wellies and settled down to a copy of ‘Thame Out’ which I found on a platform bench.

    But the question is, when do I start praying for sunshine for next year?



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