‘Velvet’ 2006 by  Mårten Medbo; Photograph: Mårten Medbo, 2006

Teleri makes a spoon

Published 16 Apr 2009 by Teleri Lloyd-Jones

The Goldsmiths' Company kindly invited Crafts magazine to join in a workshop on how to make a silver spoon. Always eager to learn a new skill, and put my appalling hand-eye co-ordination to the test, I attended - and this is how it went...

  • group at spoon making

    Here’s the team for the day – a mixture of writers, academics and ‘Company’ people – all silver enthusiasts, but (crucially) total beginners.
    We’re listening intently to Howard Fenn who along with Steve Wager are our wonderful and patient teachers today.

  • set of spoons

    ‘The Evolution of a Spoon’ – well I can see step 1 to step 3 but there seems to be a rather unrealistic leap between step 3 and step 4.

  • my anvil

    My workbench for the morning.

  • my hammer

    And my trusty hammer.

  • listen quietly...

    ‘Listen carefully, I will say this only once’, master metalworker Steve Wager talks, we listen.

  • more of my spoon

    After hitting and banging (and a little bit of cheating) here is my spoon taking shape.

  • working the spoon

    Here is the cheating that I confessed to. It’s my spoon but not necessarily my hands (they belong to Howard Fenn).

  • hammers

    After decades of work between them, Fenn and Wager have the most wonderful collection of tools – worn, customised and remade over the years.

  • working the spoon

  • filing

  • doing my filing

    This is me concentrating on my filing. I was the only learner who had to visit the first aid box a couple of times, pesky filing, must concentrate more.

  • the results

    The final results in a row (not including the top one). And we’re all rather proud.

  • Steve Wager's train

    This is a miniature train set that Steve Wager made, it’s pretty incredible… I’ve got a rather long way to go, just need a bigger box of plasters.