‘Velvet’ 2006 by  Mårten Medbo; Photograph: Mårten Medbo, 2006

Blossoms of the Arts & Crafts

Chipping Camden’s Court Barn Museum is showcasing highlights from Cheltenham Art Gallery and Museum’s Arts and Crafts Collection during the museum’s re-furb (until 3 July)

Called Blossoms of the Arts and Crafts Movement, the Court Barn show is ostensibly about the way Arts and Crafts artists used nature as a source of inspiration, but it’s also an excellent way of keeping some of Cheltenham’s treasures on view while the museum undergoes a serious facelift. They’ve lent Court Barn a range of items from their important collection, including several pieces with strong local interest – the Cotswolds were popular with Arts and Crafts designers like Ernest Gimson, who had a workshop near Cirencester and C R Ashbee, who set up shop with the Guild of Handicraft in Chipping Camden itself. This means that exhibits like the cabinet designed by C R Ashbee and made by the Guild of Handicraft in 1902 (the year the Guild moved to Chipping Camden) are effectively coming home for a stint, as is a copper charger by Arthur Cameron, another member of the Guild of Handicraft. Other pieces on show include metalwork, ceramics and jewellery by the likes of William Morris, William de Morgan and Fred Partridge.