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Cleft Chest

About this project

Both useful and sculptural, this chest uses some of my most shapely riven pieces combined from mainly one tree. Rather than twist in typically spiral fashion, these boards only undulate and release the growing secrets of more than a century of growth character.
Hinging the lid, I’ve used forge-welded hinges and leather straps. Assembly is by square-ended oak pegs that move with wood.


furniture, chest, oak, storage


Furniture, Design, Wood


Wood, Metal
Cleft Chest
Photographer: A. McCurdy Available high res.
Undulating wood shapes from cleaving
Pegging up
Photographer: A. McCurdy Available high res.
Square to round pegs driven home with the weight of a mallet.
Pegged chest
Photographer: A. McCurdy Available high res.
Pegs before final shaping

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