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Caroline Chisholm Commemorative window, Northampton 2015

About this project

A new window to commemorate the life and work of the 19th Century Humanist Caroline Chisholm, in her home town of Northampton. This project is a partnership between Caroline Chisholm School, Northampton, and Holy Sepulchre Church, Northampton.

Pupils from the school created abstract designs which were then collaged together to form the final design linked by a central ribbon motif.

The window is to be placed in Holy Sepulchre Church, Northampton where she was married.


Stained glass, Ecclesiastical, Caroline Chisholm, new commission, Northampton, Holy Sepulchre Church




Caroline Chisholm Window, Holy Sepulchre Church, Northampton
Photographer: R Aldridge
Window is in the Baptistry of Holy Sepulchre Church. Dedicated on 2nd June 2015
Early Stages
Photographer: R Aldridge
Checking the glass colours for the window
Work in progress
Photographer: R aldridge
Using the cutline to cut out the glass to shape before it is sandblasted, painted and enamelled.

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