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These bronzes mark the beginning of a complex work about badger persecution, and the consequences to the wider ecology of widespread badger culling via a Badger Trophic Cascade. The initial piece is a maquette of a sitting badger twisting and looking over its shoulder entitled ‘Persecuted’. The life sized version is nearing completion and should be cast later this year. Later again this will become the Trophic Cascade with the species lost tumbling in a spiral tide out of the back of the badger.


£1100 — £25000


badger, ecology, persecuted, trophic cascade, badger cull, wildlife art, contemporary bronze, badger persecution, Ecocide, British wildlife


Metal work, Traditional


Mixed Media, Metal
Photographer: Ama Menec
The side view of this badger showing the fluid form and complex shapes a badger can make when part sitting and part standing whilst twisting around.
Side view of 'Persecuted'
Badger peers over her shoulder, uncertain whether it is safe to come out of the sett.
Two Little Badgers
Photographer: Ama Menec
I love the shapes these two badgers make together, tho they are not sold as a pair.

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Materials Ceramics, Plastics, Metal

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Disciplines Metal work, Ceramics, Pottery, Traditional
Materials Metal, Ceramics, Mixed Media