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The Raptors are life sized female birds of prey presently consisting of a Buzzard and a Red Kite, with a Barn Owl to follow. These celebrate the come back of these raptors after much persecution. The Buzzard is caught in the moment between being relaxed and alert, a pose not possible to catch with the naked eye; the Red Kite is engaging the Buzzard in a glowering match. Both are inspired by Art Deco styling, the planes and angles of the rock they sit on reflect the angles of the bird themselves.


£7500 — £7500


Buzzard, Bronze, Birds, Red Kite, raptors, endangered british wildlife, red kite reintroduction, british wildlife, contemporary british bronze, wildlife art


Metal work, Ceramics, Pottery, Traditional


Metal, Ceramics, Mixed Media
Female Buzzard
Photographer: Ama Menec
Front view of the Female Buzzard caught between being relaxed and alert as her head snaps round to pierce something with her penetrating gaze.
Female Red Kite
Photographer: Ama Menec
The life sized Female Red Kite turning to challenge the Buzzard.
Back view of the Female Red Kite
Photographer: Ama Menec
The back view of the Female red Kite showing her magnificent tail.

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Disciplines Metal work, Traditional
Materials Mixed Media, Metal

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Disciplines Ceramics, Pottery, Metal work, Technology
Materials Ceramics, Plastics, Metal